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Golf equipment manufacturing is a multibillion-dollar industry.

Dominated by brands like Nike, Taylor Made, Callaway, and Bushnell, the golf industry employs aerospace engineers and spends millions on R&D each year. Complex operations, advertising, sponsorships, and false truths driven by an unlimited price tag. None of which directly improve performance.

We provide premium products at an affordable price. Stop paying for sponsorships and advertising. Enjoy premium products, in your price range, and do more of what you love.

But expensive has to be better, right?

We all know a swoosh doesn’t take 5 strokes off your handicap – more time on the course does. Real golfers are choosing the Blue Tees brand on a daily basis. For the quality, the customer care and the savings. Our hope is that you take the money you save with us and play a few more rounds.

Stop paying for labels.

We offer the same superior quality - at a substantially lower price.

Designed by golfers, for golfers.

We're here to play golf with simply the best products on the market - ours.

High quality, low prices.

No marketing, no pro golfer contracts, just high quality products, made just for you,

Our Customers
“ Blue Tees has given me the confidence to take my game to the next level. With their affordable, premium products, I'm not only better, I can hit the course more often. ”

David Meyers Fayetteville, AR

Our Customers
Although skeptical at first, after having owned 2 other rangefinders that were substantially more expensive and from respected companies like Bushnell, after using the Blue Tees Rangefinder several times now, I have to say that I am impressed with its performance!

Chris Moore Customer

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Do more of what you love, with better equipment. We're comitted to providing the best products on the market, with the best prices. Don't believe us? 60-day Satisfaction Guarantee. Save your money and hit the course.

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